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 Friday, Oct 9 
Prehospital therapeutic hypothermia: Is it still cool? (EMS1)
ILCOR releases advisory statement on patient temperature management after ROSC.

 Friday, Oct 9 
Study: Reducing HEMS for trauma patients saved money and lives (EMS1)
An 11-year study found that changing the protocol for aeromedical transport in Maryland benefited patient outcomes while saving money.

 Friday, Oct 9 
Rescue Task Force is best medical response to an active shooter incident (EMS1)
The EMS providers on the RTF focus on care of the victims while tactical medics focus on needs of the SWAT team.

 Thursday, Oct 8 
Study: EpiPens save lives, but can cause injuries (EMS World)
Study authors were surprised by the severity of some of these injuries, including thigh lacerations and embedded needles.

 Thursday, Oct 8 
Lexington fire station burglarized (Lexington Herald Leader)
Lexington police are searching for a suspect in a possible burglary of a Lexington fire station.

 Thursday, Oct 8 
Family of slain officer denied $300,000 in death benefits (CNN)
Because he worked for the federal government through a private contractor, the DOJ said that death benefits are off limits to his family. So are any other public safety workers who are employed by private contractors -- from firefighters to paramedics.

 Thursday, Oct 8 
Paramedic: McLean County Ambulance Service, Calhoun (McLean) KY

 Wednesday, Oct 7 
AHA statement is first to address cardiac arrest during pregnancy (EMS World)
American Heart Association has released the first comprehensive recommendations addressing the complicated issue of cardiac arrest during pregnancy.

 Wednesday, Oct 7 
3 things you need to know to be a confident medic (EMS1)
There are three things every EMS provider needs to focus on to get the job done confidently and competently.

 Wednesday, Oct 7 
Boyd dispatchers get upgrades (Ashland Daily Independent)
Boyd County emergency dispatchers have new equipment, software and training they can use to save more lives.

 Tuesday, Oct 6 
New medical coding system adds more specificity, paperwork (EMS World)
The U.S. medical-coding system was updated on Thursday for the first time in 36 years.

 Tuesday, Oct 6 
Lexington EMS changes lights and siren policy (WTVQ)
When people call 911 for an ambulance it can be a life or death situation, but not always. Now, under a new policy, when itís not an emergency and youíre in a city ambulance in Lexington, it may take you longer to get to the hospital.

 Monday, Oct 5 
AMR launches newsletter to provide updates on Rural/Metro integration (EMS World)
Newsletter will provide regular updates on the integration planning process in a bid to keep the process as transparent as possible.

 Sunday, Oct 4 
Paramedic Full Time: Anderson County Department of Public Safety, Lawrenceburg (Anderson) KY

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