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 Wednesday, Nov 26 
Why you don't want a high-tech ambulance if you're in cardiac arrest (PBS)
Emergency treatments delivered in ambulances that offer "Advanced Life Support" for cardiac arrest may be linked to more death, comas and brain damage than those providing "Basic Life Support."

 Wednesday, Nov 26 
EMS chief details response to unrest in Ferguson (EMS World)
Chris Cebollero, NREMT-P, chief of EMS for Christian Hospital in St Louis, MO, has been on the front lines of the tumult, both in the immediate aftermath of Brown's shooting and now again in this latest swell of unrest.

 Tuesday, Nov 25 
Embattled fire chief investigated for fraud, abuse of public trust (WDRB)
Bullitt County Sheriff's deputies searched the home and office of Southeast Bullitt Fire Department chief Julius Hatfield on Tuesday as part of an investigation into alleged insurance fraud and abuse of public trust. They are specifically looking into whether the fire department bilked insurance companies by inflating clean-up costs for automobile accidents to which firefighters responded, WDRB has learned.

 Tuesday, Nov 25 
Narcan price on the rise (EMS World)
The price of a life-saving drug that counteracts the effects of a heroin overdose has increased by 55 percent in the past three weeks.

 Monday, Nov 24 
November Certificate of Need Newsletter (Kentucky Cabinet for Health and Family Services)
The November edition of the Kentucky Certificate of Need Newsletter.

 Monday, Nov 24 
Lexington government finalizes 3-year contract with firefighters union (Lexington Herald Leader)
Lexington and its nearly 500-member firefighters union have signed a three-year collective bargaining agreement that includes modest raises for firefighters and more money for tuition reimbursements for continuing education, city and fire union officials said Thursday.

 Sunday, Nov 23 
Bullitt Memories: Using hearses as ambulances (Louisville Courier Journal)
Until 1979, Bullitt County did not have an ambulance service. The solution was that the local funeral home director, whose hearse was the only suitable vehicle in town, would also provide the ambulance service.

 Sunday, Nov 23 
'Golden hour' vital for treating trauma patients (Bowling Green Daily News)
With time a crucial factor in medical emergencies, split-second decisions have to be made, and that sometimes results in a medical helicopter getting a call to carry a patient from here to a trauma center in Nashville or Louisville.

 Friday, Nov 21 
Bullitt fire chief sorry for racist comment (Louisville Courier Journal)
Southeast Bullitt Fire Chief Julius Hatfield says he "made a mistake" when he made a racist comment at the scene of a car accident in September - an incident that was caught on video by a Bullitt County Sheriff deputy's body camera. The video has recently spread nationally.

 Friday, Nov 21 
Kentucky on pace to set highway fatality record low (WLKY)
Kentucky is on pace to set a 65-year low for fatalities on the road.

 Thursday, Nov 20 
CDC Report: ER visits at record high, 96% needed medical care within 2 hours (EMS World)
The nation's emergency departments saw more than 136 million patient visits in 2011, the highest number ever recorded, compared with 129.8 million in 2010, according to new data released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

 Thursday, Nov 20 
Paramedic: Breathitt County Ambulance, Inc., Jackson (Breathitt) KY

 Wednesday, Nov 19 
Campbellsville University fined $4,000 for safety violation connected to fatal charity event (Lexington Herald Leader)
Campbellsville University has agreed to pay $4,000 to settle a workplace-safety citation issued in connection with a charity event that led to the death of a firefighter.

 Wednesday, Nov 19 
Paramedic: McIntosh Ambulance, Inc., Jackson (Breathitt) KY

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