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 Friday, Jul 21 
Toddler’s brain damage reversed by treatment after near drowning (USA Today)
A 2-year-old from Arkansas who nearly drowned in her family's swimming pool is on the mend thanks to a type of oxygen therapy.

 Friday, Jul 21 
Everyone from first responders to runners battle hottest temperatures of year (WDRB)
While some people are turning up the air conditioning to beat the heat inside, others are out braving the extreme temperatures.

 Thursday, Jul 20 
KBEMS receives Innovation Award (Image Trend)
Under the leadership of Michael Poynter, Kentucky Board of Emergency Medical Services has continuously been on the forefront of EMS data collection.

 Thursday, Jul 20 
Study: Rural patients wait longer for EMS (EMS1)
The average interval between a call to 911 and arrival on the scene is seven minutes in the U.S., but patients in rural areas wait as long as 30 minutes.

 Wednesday, Jul 19 
Rural hospitals face uncertainty with health care proposals (WPSD)
Rural hospitals face prospect of struggling to stay viable as Republicans in Congress consider everything from outright repeal to gradual phase-out of Medicaid expansion.

 Wednesday, Jul 19 
MetroSafe shortage leaves seizure patient waiting nearly 40 minutes for an ambulance (WDRB)
The problem stems from a shortage in operators.

 Wednesday, Jul 19 
911 Services Board announces $3.6 million of emergency call center grants (Kentucky Press News Service)
The $3.6 million of funding for the 2017 911 competitive grant cycle represents a 50 percent increase over 2015, where $2.4 million was awarded. No grants were issued in 2016.

 Tuesday, Jul 18 
Emergency responders to activate Emergency Operations Center for eclipse (WPSD)
With up to 500,000 visitors expected in the area for the total solar eclipse, emergency management agencies have been meeting for almost six months to organize a plan.

 Tuesday, Jul 18 
Paramedic: Methodist Hospital Union County, Morganfield (Union) KY

 Tuesday, Jul 18 
Paramedic: Methodist Hospital, Henderson (Henderson) KY

 Tuesday, Jul 18 
EMT: Methodist Hospital, Henderson (Henderson) KY

 Tuesday, Jul 18 
Full-Time Paramedic: Medical Center EMS, Bowling Green (Warren) KY

 Monday, Jul 17 
Why point-of-care ultrasound should be a mainstay in EMS (EMS1)
A former firefighter/EMT turned medical student describes the functional components, diagnostic uses and roadblocks of using this imaging technology.

 Monday, Jul 17 
Why electronic health records will replace EMS patient care reports (EMS1)
Access to patient records through prehospital and hospital EHR integration will help paramedics improve patient outcomes.

 Monday, Jul 17 
EMS in 2030: What technologies will be widely available? (EMS1)
EMS1 contributors and editorial advisory board members predict the future technologies that will transform patient assessment, care and transport.

 Monday, Jul 17 
Full-Time Paramedic: Georgetown-Scott County EMS, Georgetown (Scott) KY

 Monday, Jul 17 
Full Time Paramedic: Oldham County/Baptist Health EMS, La Grange (Oldham) KY

 Monday, Jul 17 
PRN Paramedic: Oldham County/Baptist Health EMS, La Grange (Oldham) KY

 Saturday, Jul 15 
Can public pension benefits be cut? Kentucky officials looking into it (Louisville Courier Journal)
Kentucky law protects pension benefits earned by public employees, but some parts of benefit packages are not protected.

 Friday, Jul 14 
New Air Evac Lifeteam base under construction in Floyd County (WYMT)
Officials broke ground on a new Air Evac Lifeteam Helipad base in Floyd County Thursday.

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