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 Friday, Jul 3 
Tired EMS workers a prescription for danger on the roads, experts say (ABC News)
A “Good Morning America” investigation discovered that EMS driver fatigue is an issue causing increasing concern in the EMS industry, with some calling for federal standards limiting shift lengths or addressing the problem of EMS worker fatigue.

 Friday, Jul 3 
National EMS Memorial Bike Ride commemorates fallen EMS workers (EMS World)
One rider gives his account of the 522-mile ride.

 Thursday, Jul 2 
Report: U.S. out-of-hospital cardiac arrest survival rates ‘unacceptably low’ (EMS1)
A new Institute of Medicine study found survival rates were less than 6 percent, and recommended ways to improve cardiac arrest outcomes.

 Thursday, Jul 2 
Kentucky awards Medicaid contracts to 5 companies (WKYT)
Kentucky has awarded contracts to five companies to provide health insurance to people on Medicaid.

 Thursday, Jul 2 
Community Program Administrator: Owen County Fiscal Court (Owen County EMS), Owenton (Owen) KY

 Thursday, Jul 2 
Paramedic: Owen County EMS, Owenton (Owen) KY

 Thursday, Jul 2 
EMT Part-Time: Owen County EMS, Owenton (Owen) KY

 Wednesday, Jul 1 
Don’t let response times overshadow the role of EMS (EMS1)
Response times often have little to do with saving lives or improving outcomes, and can overshadow factors that do make a difference in patient care.

 Wednesday, Jul 1 
2015 Lake Cumberland Healthcare Symposium (Russell County EMS)
Online registration is now open.

 Wednesday, Jul 1 
PRN-EMT-B: Carlisle County Ambulance Service., Bardwell (Carlisle) KY

 Tuesday, Jun 30 
Barren-Metcalfe County Ambulance Service: two new ambulances ordered (Glasgow Daily Times)
The Barren-Metcalfe County Ambulance Service board of directors had a special-called meeting Monday and were advised by Mike Swift and Tim Gibson, director and assistant director of Barren-Metcalfe County Emergency Medical Services, respectively, that the two new Mid-America ambulances have been ordered.

 Tuesday, Jun 30 
4 ways the new overtime rules may affect your paycheck (CNN)
By 2016, millions of employees around the country could become newly eligible for overtime pay due to a change in federal rules.

 Tuesday, Jun 30 
6-year old starts helicopter at air show; 2 hurt (EMS1)
The helicopter was unoccupied when the young boy entered, and the spinning propellers knocked over a large sun shield, injuring two people.

 Tuesday, Jun 30 
Should EMS administer TXA? (EMS1)
There is much we don't know about how TXA works and its role in reducing mortality from severe hemorrhage.

 Tuesday, Jun 30 
Part Time Paramedic: Clinton County EMS, Albany (Clinton) KY

 Monday, Jun 29 
Ky. firefighter on vacation saves drowning girl (EMS1)
When a family began screaming, he jumped over a six-foot fence and performed CPR, resuscitating a girl who drowned in a pool

 Monday, Jun 29 
Community remembers fallen trooper from Anderson County (WKYT)
Hundreds of people gathered at an Anderson County church on Sunday to say goodbye to a fallen Kentucky State Police trooper.

 Monday, Jun 29 
15 honored at National EMS Memorial Service in Colo. (EMS1)
A U.S. flag folded into a triangle was representative of the honoree's service to his or her country, a medallion strung around a thread stood for eternal memory, and a white rose symbolized undying love.

 Monday, Jun 29 
Report: Road conditions cost average driver $515 annually (Lexington Herald Leader)
The shoddy state of the nation’s roads cost average drivers $515 in extra operation and maintenance costs on their cars, according to the latest analysis from TRIP, a national transportation research group. Meanwhile, the Highway Trust Fund is about to become insolvent.

 Monday, Jun 29 
Ky. workers’ pension in dire straits; not so lawmakers’ (Lexington Herald Leader)
Kentucky’s retired state workers’ pension fund is a mess. It’s the most underfunded of any in the country, and it’s sinking dangerously close to running out of money.

 Saturday, Jun 27 
EMS leaders share how they use data to improve EMS systems (EMS World)
EMS should be striving to have performance measures that are as patient-centered as possible.

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