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 Wednesday, Nov 25 
The 911 system isn’t ready for the iPhone era (New York Times)
Our emergency response system faces an emergency of its own in the form of outdated technology.

 Tuesday, Nov 24 
Sick and dying at 30,000 feet (CNN)
One in every 604 airline flights involves a reported medical emergency. But how are these emergencies handled, especially when they're more complicated or life-threatening?

 Tuesday, Nov 24 
Capnography: What EMS chiefs and leaders need to know (EMS1)
Use this information to engage your field providers about how capnography improves patient care and outcomes.

 Tuesday, Nov 24 
EMT: Woodford County EMS, Versailles (Woodford) KY

 Monday, Nov 23 
Beshear orders national background checks for nursing homes (WDRB)
Kentucky Gov. Steve Beshear has ordered nursing homes and other health care providers to run national background checks on all new employees or risk losing their license to operate in the state.

 Monday, Nov 23 
How EMS agencies become stronger through consolidation (EMS1)
Mergers, consolidations and acquisitions allow growing EMS organizations to reap the benefits of economies of scale.

 Monday, Nov 23 
Kentucky's Medicaid expansion delivers hundreds of millions of new dollars to Louisville healthcare providers (WDRB)
The program has delivered $2.9 billion in new payments – all federal money -- to Kentucky healthcare providers since it began in January 2014, according to the administration of outgoing Gov. Steve Beshear, who championed the Medicaid expansion.

 Sunday, Nov 22 
November Certificate of Need Newsletter (Kentucky Cabinet for Health and Family Services)
The November edition of the Kentucky Certificate of Need Newsletter.

 Saturday, Nov 21 
CMS publishes new rules for ambulances (Page Wolfberg & Wirth)
On November 16, 2015, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services published the Final 2016 Physician Fee Schedule Rule in the Federal Register.

 Saturday, Nov 21 
5 best practices for media appearances by EMS chiefs and field personnel (EMS1)
Seize every media request to your EMS agency as an opportunity to build relationships, trust, and goodwill.

 Friday, Nov 20 
Research: Lowering body temperature better for some cardiac arrest patients (EMS World)
Cardiac arrest patients with "non-schockable" heart rhythms have higher rates of survival and brain function when their body temperature is lowered, a study says.

 Friday, Nov 20 
Lexington council passes $10.10 minimum wage (Lexington Herald Leader)
Council votes 9-6 to raise the minimum wage.

 Friday, Nov 20 
Jessamine paramedic's story highlights lack of EMS death benefits (Jessamine Journal)
The death of Jessamine County paramedic John Mackey after he was struck by a car Nov. 5 has brought attention to line-of-duty death benefits for EMS workers, which the state does not provide.

 Thursday, Nov 19 
Kentucky state pensions fall to 19 percent funded (Lexington Herald Leader)
Possibly the weakest public pension system in country.

 Thursday, Nov 19 
Narcan nasal spray approved by FDA (EMS1)
Combating opioid overdose epidemic, the leading cause of accidental death in the U.S., is a top FDA priority.

 Thursday, Nov 19 
Medicare rule draws sharp criticism from ambulance industry (The Post and Courier)
Private ambulance company owners in South Carolina have become increasingly critical of a Medicare experiment designed to eliminate insurance fraud and save the federal government money.

 Thursday, Nov 19 
Critics say high deductibles make insurance ‘unaffordable’ (Boston Globe)
Deductibles have grown six times faster than wages since 2010, according to a recent Kaiser Family Foundation study.

 Thursday, Nov 19 
How EMS personnel should use cameras (EMS1)
Comply with federal and state laws to fully realize the significant benefits of EMS use of drive cams and body cams.

 Wednesday, Nov 18 
IAEMSC position statement on EMS agency operational security measures (EMS World)
With the continuing heightened threat state for terrorist incidents, greater operational security and situational awareness should be adopted by EMS members and organizations.

 Wednesday, Nov 18 
EKU Paramedic Program to reorganize class schedule
The concept of stackable classes is to have the pre-requisite courses scheduled on Tuesday and Thursday.

 Wednesday, Nov 18 
EMS injury prevention: Start with 3 stability and core endurance exercises (EMS1)
Pre-shift stretching is known to reduce injury and can easily be added to a medic's routine.

 Wednesday, Nov 18 
Money still talks, but it whispers to millennial medics (EMS1)
A Florida EMS agency is not likely to achieve its desired retention goal by offering medics a $35,000 bonus for working for 5 years.

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