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I am a fine art and conservation photographer, author, and educator from Louisville, Kentucky, who uses photography to advocate for conservation outcomes, protecting nature and improving the natural environment. Conservation photography furthers environmental conservation, wildlife conservation, habitat conservation and cultural conservation by expanding public awareness of issues and stimulating remedial action.

As an independent artist I sell photographic art prints at regional juried art shows, on-line, and through stock photography agencies, and I am the author of "The Photographer's Guide to the Great Smoky Mountains." As an educator I taught Paramedic and emergency medicine classes before retirement and now teach photography at a local university. A photojournalism major in college, I am also a retired critical care trauma center helicopter paramedic who worked in public safety for 52 years, including 44 years as a paramedic, 20 years in Helicopter Emergency Medical Services, and 16 years in the fire service.

During my Emergency Medical Services carreer I worked as a critical care Paramedic, educator, manager and director for public and private EMS, Fire/EMS, and Helicopter EMS. I served on the Kentucky Ambulance Providers Association as a member of their Legislative Committee for 13 years, as a member of their board of directors for 13 years and their executive board for four years, and as their public affairs consultant for four years. I served as vice-chair of the Kentucky EMS Memorial Founation for 7 years and on the Kentucky Board of Emergency Medical Services Data Collection Standing Committee for five years, including the first two years as Vice Chair and the last three years as Chair. I continue to serve with the Kentucky Ambulance Providers Association as a coordinator for the Kentucky EMS Conference and Expo, now in my 32nd year. I am also the founder of the EMS industry news website The Kentucky EMS Connection and was their editor-in-chief from 1996 through 2018.

During my public safety career I worked with multiple organizations to advance state and federal legislative initiatives (including legislation that created the Kentucky Board of EMS, made it a felony to assault an EMS worker, and extended state line-of-duty-death benefits to EMS survivors) and represented the Kentucky Ambulance Providers Association in accepting the American Ambulance Association’s 2008 Partnership Award for impacting national ambulance legislation.

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Goal: 3 mi/day (1,125 mi/yr)

Total for 2022: 2,139.47 mi.
+1095.35 mi ahead of goal. Projected: 2304 mi.

Total for 2021: 2,235.12 mi.
Best year 2015: 2,819.72 mi.
Total since Jan. 15, 2011: 22,613.46 mi.
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