Oldtown Covered Bridge
Alongside Route 3111 near Oldtown, Greenup County. ca 1800.

Oldtown Covered Bridge

  • The Oldtown Bridge, built about 1880 in southern Greenup county, is a 187-foot double post and brace bridge. Rebuilt sometime in the late 1990s. A good deal of new material was used to reconstruct the bridge, which changed its original appearance.
  • North side of SR 3111 (Frazier Road) approximately 0.2 miles east of SR 1.(SR 3111 is approximately 1.6 miles north of the SR 1 and SSR 784 intersection)
  • Location:  N38° 25.904' W82° 53.678'
Bridges To The Past Two Day Tour:
Kentucky's 13 remaining covered bridges can be visited in a pleasant two-day tour and our suggested tour begins on day one in either Georgetown, Kentucky (along Interstate 75 north of Lexington) or Cincinnati, Ohio, continuing on day two at Interstate 64 exit # 172 near Grayson.

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