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Beech Fork Covered Bridge
Mooresville, KY
Washington County
37o 49.682'N  85o 15.355'W
Beech Fork Covered Bridge:
Beech Fork
Bennett's Mill Covered Bridge
Argentum, KY
Greenup County
38o 37.859'N  82o 55.599'W
Bennett's Mill Covered Bridge:
Cabin Creek Covered Bridge
Cottageville, KY
Lewis County
38o 36.565'N  83o 37.263'W
Cabin Creek Covered Bridge:
Colville Covered Bridge
Millersburg, KY
Bourbon County
38o 19.454'N  84o 12.190'W
Colville Covered Bridge:
Dover Covered Bridge
Dover, KY
Mason County
38o 45.026'N  83o 52.727'W
Dover Covered Bridge:
Goddard Covered Bridge
Goddard, KY
Fleming County
38o 21.740'N  83o 36.945'W
Goddard Covered Bridge:
Hillsboro Covered Bridge
Grange City, KY
Fleming County
38o 15.300'N  83o 39.193'W
Hillsboro Covered Bridge:
Johnson Creek Covered Bridge
Burika, KY
Robertson County
38o 28.901'N  83o 58.710'W
Johnson Creek Covered Bridge:
Oldtown Covered Bridge
Oldtown, KY
Greenup County
38o 25.902'N  82o 53.742'W
Oldtown Covered Bridge:
Ringos Mill Covered Bridge
Ringos Mill, KY
Fleming County
38o 16.116'N  83o 36.637'W
Ringos Mill Covered Bridge:
Switzer Covered Bridge
Switzer, KY
Franklin County
38o 15.221'N  84o 45.108'W
Switzer Covered Bridge:
Valley Pike Covered Bridge
Maysville, KY
Mason County
38o 40.461'N  83o 52.330'W
Valley Pike Covered Bridge:
Walcott Covered Bridge
Bladeston, KY
Bracken County
38o 43.976'N  84o 5.888'W
Walcott Covered Bridge: