Monday June 12, 2017

PHI Air Medical now carries life-saving blood products

PHI Air Medical Press Release

LEXINGTON — As a patient, being airlifted from a traumatic accident can be scary, but not having any available red blood or plasma on the medical aircraft can be fatal.

Thankfully, Kentuckians who need emergency air ambulance transport to a nearby medical center will not only have the packed red blood cells, but also the plasma they need, thanks to a new partnership between South Texas Blood & Tissue Center and PHI Air Medical. PHI Air Medical operates in numerous states across the United States including Kentucky. The Kentucky bases of operation in Morehead, London, Monticello, and Greenville have added plasma to their life-saving toolbox in addition to packed red blood cells on board their aircraft 24/7.

Of the more than 190,000 patients who die of trauma in the U.S. each year, 45% are due to massive hemorrhage. Sadly, 70% die in the first six hours following their injury. A 2015 study published in the Journal of the American College of Surgeons concluded that pre-trauma center transfusion increased the probability of 24-hour survival and decreased risk of shock in severely injured air medical trauma patients.

“The addition of liquid plasma compliments the administration of packed red blood cells which our Kentucky program has been utilizing for over six months,” said PHI Air Medical Regional Director, Matthew Ishmael. “We continue to see the positive benefits for our patients who require blood and blood components during the course of the critical care treatments our air medical crews provide. Plasma as an additional resource further enhances our ability to provide the best possible care to the patients we are called to care for.”