Thursday June 1, 2017

Bound Tree launches new Naloxone Rebate Program in partnership with IMS

Bound Tree Medical Press Release

Bound Tree has been working closely with our partner, International Medication Systems (IMS), to coordinate a national rebate on Naloxone purchases just for you. We are very excited to finally be able to announce the launch of this new rebate program to you.

Who is eligible for this program?*
From June 1, 2017 through May 31, 2018, all customers who purchase IMS Medical Naloxone through Bound Tree, whether it’s stand alone or in a kit, are eligible for the rebate.

How does it work?
For every IMS Medical Naloxone purchase you make through Bound Tree, you will receive a $6.00 per unit rebate from Bound Tree. The rebates will be sent to you on a quarterly basis.

What items are eligible?
373369 - Naloxone, 2 mg, 2ml, Luer Jet Prefilled Syringe
670034- KIT - Curaplex® Single Dose Opioid Overdose Kit, Black Case
670024-KIT - Curaplex® Two Dose Opioid Overdose Kit, Face Mask, Yellow Case
670033-KIT - Curaplex® Two Dose Opioid Overdose Kit, Black Case
670036-KIT - Curaplex® Two Dose Opioid Overdose Kit, Yellow Case
670035-KIT - Curaplex® Four Dose Opioid Overdose Kit, Red Case

Want more information?
Contact your dedicated Account Manager.

*This offer excludes customers in Ohio and New York due to a rebate program that is already in place with your local Attorney General’s office. If you have any questions about the existing program in these two states, please reach out to your Account Manager.