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September 5, 2000

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Published Sept. 5 in the University of Louisville Cardinal

Louisville ER nurse shows up in Playboy
We represent U of L in a positive manner, Playboy model says

Assistant Focus Editor

Louisville ER nurse Heather Malone, 26, appears in the October issue of Playboy. Photo © 2000 Playboy
Heather appeared on the Kentucky EMS Connection in a photo taken during an EMS appreciation event last May. Photo © 2000 The Kentucky EMS Connection
For those heading to buy an issue:

* She's on page 140;

* Don't bring the issue to work (remember your sexual harassment policy); and 

 *If you need an excuse, say you want to read the article on Michael Jordan.

LOUISVILLE — If you've been frequenting the bookstores around town lately, you may have noticed that Playboy's October issue has hit the racks (no pun intended) with very special relevance to our little town. What's so special about this one? Five words: The Girls of Conference USA.

That's right -- four of the University of Louisville's most beautiful women have bared all for the very first issue featuring the best of what Conference USA has to offer.

The only complaint that many may have is that four of U of L's "girls" are featured together in one photograph. Compare that with the "girls" of the University of South Florida and UNC Charlotte, who together combine for a total of eighteen photos scattered throughout the nine-page spread.

"Honestly, I think Louisville had the best looking girls out of all the other colleges," said Eva Reneé, a twenty-year-old marketing major who was one of U of L's "girls" featured in this month's spread. Joining Reneé for the snapshot were Brittany Leigh and Julie Geoghegan, both 20, and ER nurse Heather Malone, 26.

The photo, which depicts all four girls in a bar-type setting, could potentially be seen as degrading by some, or at least immoral or distasteful. Reneé disagrees.

"Their layouts are tasteful and stunning," she says. "I think it represents U of L in a positive manner."

Sure the pictures are nice, but how were the models treated by photographers and other staff members?

"I was treated with the utmost respect and dignity," Reneé said. "They treated us like stars."

What advice would Reneé give to others who may be inspired to seek out such fame?

"As long as you have self-confidence and pride and feel comfortable posing nude, then you should think about it long and hard," said Reneé. "You will most likely receive negative feedback. Never consider working for any other magazines of this sort besides Playboy.

Tastful or not, Playboy's college issues are big sellers, with millions of copies sold all across the country. Are the girls of Playboy as happy with the issues as the guys?

"I would have like a different facial expression," Reneé said. "I think I look pissed off."




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